Food Safety Policy

This policy is intended to confirm the commitment of Global Agro Commodities LLC to providing safe and quality food products to our customers. This policy will be accessible to all customers, suppliers and employees.

We believe that the integrity and safety of the food products that we process will ensure the future of our business.

Our food safety goals are:

  1. To have a culture of food safety at every level of our operation.
  2. To have a system that ensures our food products are free of contaminants.
  3. To meet and exceed the legal requirements of our business.
  4. To provide the training and knowledge necessary for our employees to understand the legal requirements of food safety laws.
  5. To ensure our customers are the beneficiaries of our due diligence.
  6. This policy is intended to outline our food safety goals and will be reviewed and changed in order to maintain our commitment to safe food products.
  7. Our food safety plans will be continually monitored and audited both internally and from external entities.