For Community

We operate globally but are committed to contribute towards the betterment of the less fortunate people by giving back locally. In the line of our belief of operating globally and giving back locally, Community Initiative by Global Agro Commodities are aimed at empowerment of Community.

Through our philanthropic programs and partnerships, we support initiatives focused on enhancing opportunities in the areas of education, skills training, and generating local employment, women empowerment, and community development.

With an objective to ensure providing food to less fortunate, we have worked with Store House in partnership with Gleanings for the Hungry Organization in US and have donated Dark Red Kidney Beans for distributing to the ones in need.

With an objective to ensure quality education for the less fortunate children, Global Agro has collaborated with Bhakt Academy – An English Medium School located at Village in India to improve the quality and reach of an education with an emphasis on girl career development. The project is aimed at benefiting at least 20 students per year across whole district in the area. As part of the project, we would endeavor to seek continuous engagement of our India office associates in the effective implementation of the project. This will not only help us strengthen our associate engagement in our social initiatives but will also reinforce associate’s internal values towards individual social responsibility.

Further, as part of our ongoing commitment in the areas of education, GAC has committed for yearly contribution for five years to "NABED", a not for profit organization which is focused on providing scholarships to brilliant scholars who cannot afford higher advanced education. Our annual contribution helps those scholars reach their first milestone to get an advanced degree.

We also have annual contribution programs where in we have been giving regular contribution to hospital under our charitable contribution program.