For Suppliers

As part of our ongoing commitment to meet market needs, as well as our own supply chain needs, we rely on a large network of suppliers to provide us with high quality pulse crops that our customers & operation want & expect.

As a result, we are constantly looking to expand and selection by establishing partnerships with new companies.

Expectation From Our Suppliers

Sustainable relationship
Relationship with suppliers are cultivated as part of sustainable and mutually beneficial programs, Encouraging investment of resources in futures business.


We should be totally focused on creating the expectations of our customers of our own operations. Keeping in mind:

Maximized supply chain efficiency resulting in lower cost and better value to our customers. The availability of product is vital part of our customer & operation satisfaction.

Quality and Safety

We follow the certified standards for purchasing any product. This help us in maintaining customer trust.

A product must demonstrate the requisite quality before it can be approved for purchase compliance with country's requirements and regulations. Consistent product safety and quality is ensured by consecutive inspection across the entire manufacturing & supply chain processes.