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The Approach

We partner with strong leaders and provide high quality legumes at 'everyday low market price' by leveraging our extensive experience, resources and world wide network.

Our global network includes senior relationships across industries and is founded on collaboration across the network, including big retail chains like Walmart India, Metro 'Cash 'N' Carry (Germany) and the Aditya Birla Retail Group. We have a long track record of selling through various channels.


Investment Criteria Achievements

We invest in commodities to maximize share holder value through financial and operational value creation.

Proven Management Team : Our group combines over 100 years' of experience in investments and operational activities. Our leadership team members are highly respected for our outstanding performance and operation process from due diligence through management, business plan execution, services and investment realization.

Substantial End Market: We sell into large existing and emerging markets with potential for rapid growth.

Substantial Advantage : Our business is based on exclusive partnerships, proprietary processes and/or other attributes.

Industry Focused : We chose to invest in food industry which has ongoing strong demand and based on limited availability the one who has access to products at an effective price are considered winners in these rapidly growing industry.